Xbox One X Will Have Native Support With 1440p Displays Through HDMI

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During the presentation of Xbox One X, the executives of Microsoft made it clear that it will be the most powerful console on the market. The system will allow you to play in 4K, for which you will need an adequate equipment, such as a television with support for this resolution. However, Microsoft has insisted on highlighting that all users can take advantage of the extra potential of Xbox One X.

Recently, Kevin Gammill, manager of the Xbox partner program, was questioned about the type of screens that would have native support for the new console. The executive clarified that Xbox One X will have support with 4K and Full HD screens. In 1080p the console will use the supersampling to take advantage of and highlight the visual improvements.

From his Twitter account, Gammill added that 1440p monitors could be an intermediate option between the devices mentioned above. Some Twitter users questioned whether the signal on this type of monitors would be scaled or native. Fortunately, Gammill confirmed that Xbox One X will have native support with 1440p displays through HDMI.

If you have one of these monitors, it will undoubtedly be a good option to use with the new console. This is because the image will retain its quality and the potential of Xbox One X will be visible. Remember that this console will debut worldwide on November 7 and will cost $499 USD.

Not only the games of Xbox One will benefit from the arrival of the new system, but also titles of Xbox 360 and Original Xbox will also look better. Microsoft will make a special stream for the launch of its console, check here the details.

What type of television or monitor do you plan to use with Xbox One X? Share your comments below.