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Xbox One X is the #1 most wished product on Amazon

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The presentation of Xbox One X has left many users expectant of its arrival, scheduled for the 7th of November, at a price of $499. Despite the reluctance to believe that what was shown was really 4K and which will be developed with the spectacularity it showed itself, even though there are criticisms for its price, it has been now discovered that Xbox One X is the most wished console on Amazon. However, the reservation period has not yet opened, where the mere fact of wanting it is a recognition of the work very well done and the anticipation that the Xbox One X has aroused.

Aaron Greenberg himself has reported enthusiastically this milestone, in which we see Xbox One X leading the list of most wished product on Amazon, that is something thrilling.

In a way, we are all excited about this new hardware, where many will be valuing their purchase, although Phil Spencer points out that it is not currently the target product of Microsoft. It is not to be undeserved from the technical milestone involved, since at present, the star products are Xbox One S and Xbox One X, being the first more cheaper and adjusting more economically to those users who do not have a 4K television.

But not all games will be 4K, because Microsoft does not intend to force this specification to be what Xbox One X offers. And that’s where the new Microsoft console can have a wider target audience, since games will always go better on Xbox One X, regardless of whether you run on a 4k or not.

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Xbox One X will arrive on November 7 worldwide, knowing that right now it is the most wished product of Amazon. This is very good news for Microsoft and Xbox in general.