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Xbox One X Hard Drive Replacement Voids Warranty

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Xbox One X has been available on the market for several days and the editors of iFixit did not hesitate to disassemble it piece by piece to find out what’s under the hood and to evaluate the degree of repairability.

All the console components are shown in the video that you can watch at the end of this article. However, attention was paid to the internal hard disk, a Seagate 1TB 5200 RPM. In the same article, it was specified that to remove the hard drive, it was necessary to unplug a rather heavy adhesive sticker, which apparently could void the warranty of Xbox One X.

Judging by what is shown, however, removal is quite complicated since more than one operation must be done, certainly not easy for all users, before reaching the hard drive bay.

Xbox One X allows you to install external hard drives, but in any case, this could be a problem for all users intending to change the internal one with a 7200 RPM or, simply, more generous one.

Microsoft also explained the meaning of the numbers on the package of Project Scorpio Edition. 0105101317 is the sequence of green color numbers visible on the right side of the box near the Xbox logo, but what exactly is it? By grouping numbers into pairs, the mystery is revealed as follows:

. 01 (November 15, 2001) represents the year Microsoft launched the original Xbox.
. 05 (November 22, 2005) marks the debut of Xbox 360.
. 10 (November 4, 2010) remembers the introduction of the Kinect motion device, formerly known as Project Natal.
. 13 (November 22, 2013) is the turn of Xbox One, first among the consoles of the homonymous family.
. 17 (November 7, 2017), which, finally, indicates the launch recently happened to Xbox One X.

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We remind you that Xbox One X is now available at $499 USD.