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Xbox One X: Developers will decide how to handle 4K Updates

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Mike Ybarra recently spoke on Twitter to confirm that developers will be able to decide freely how to manage assets downloaded in 4K for the games on Xbox One X. Fellow members could then make these files optional for Xbox One and Xbox One S owners, so to make the downloads lighter.

Each developer will decide on their own needs whether to always download assets in 4K or to convey this content to all the owners of the console, regardless of the model owned.

In the case of Forza Motorsport 7, for example, 4K assets will be downloaded only on Xbox One X and PCs, so as to ease the downloads to those who own an Xbox One and Xbox One S.

In addition, recently it was also noted that players with the alpha preview build will be able to download 4K updates to their games to get ready for the arrival of Xbox One X, however, some players reported on Twitter that the 4K patches are still not available for them yet, which was also confirmed by Ybarra in an answer to these users.

Also, Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing of Xbox, also answered a question from a fan on Twitter who asked him whether “the Xbox One X will be whisper quiet”, to which Greenberg replied the following: “Yes, amazingly it is super quiet given the power it puts out.”

Xbox One X will release on November 7th at a price of $499.