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Xbox One X Bricking Problem Might Be Due To Faulty Power Cables

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As we pointed out a few days ago, some Xbox One X owners have experienced that the console stops working suddenly. According to statements from Microsoft, this kind of bricking problem might be happening due to faulty power cables.

If you purchased Xbox One X and you can not turn it on, or if the console goes out suddenly in the middle of a gaming session, then the problem may depend on the power cable.

Microsoft asks you to make sure that the cable is actually working (you may try to change it), that it is properly plugged into the console (it may sound trivial, but an attempt does not cost anything) and in the electrical outlet (if you use a power crank, try to connect the plug directly into the wall socket).

According to recent reports published on Reddit, some users have been able to resolve the issue by changing the power cord or making sure it is properly connected.

Have you experienced this kind of problem with your Xbox One X? Do try the solutions provided above to fix your console.

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