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Xbox One X 4K assets download available now

Surprisingly, the 4K assets of the supported games on Xbox One X can be downloaded from today, one month in advance before the debut of the new console of Microsoft. The download in the preview, however, is reserved exclusively for Xbox Insiders belonging to the Alpha group.

The package can be downloaded on both Xbox One and an external hard drive so that all data will be transferred to the new Microsoft console. A comfortable way that will allow Xbox Insiders to download all 4K assets in advance, getting ready to play on Xbox One X all titles currently supported.

In recent news, Turn 10 and Microsoft have deployed the first patch since yesterday night destined for the Xbox One X and this, of course, concerns Forza Motorsport 7. The latter weighs 28GB in size and the process is totally transparent for those who keep their console on standby.

If you want to check if the 4K patch has been installed, just see the latest upgrades uploaded or go to the FM7 management tab which still weighs 95GB.

while the common players will have to wait until November 7th, connect your external hard drive to the Xbox One X and enjoy the improvements associated with it.

Xbox One X will be available all over the world starting on the forthcoming November 7th.

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