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Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter for Windows 10 unveiled

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Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter is finally out for Windows 10. This is an external adapter that connects to a Windows PC through USB port. This adapter will be finally available on sale from October 20, 2015. It is announced and going to bring a lot of feature who want to link their Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. With a Windows PC, or tablet you can easily control the console and access a variety of things in it. The cost of this adapter is around $24.99. You can buy this from Microsoft Store after it is released. Microsoft is also offering a USB cable with the controller. Right now the adapter only supports Xbox One. If the adapter fails to work then try to update the device and the console also to enable support for this wireless device.

Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter Pics
Xbox One Wireless Controller Adapter Pics

This new adapter is having pretty impressive features. After its official launch we will get to know more information on the exact feature of this controller. It will be quite easier for gamers in order to link their console with PC and use it effectively. This adapter might also offer features to the gamers to transfer files between the console and PC. That would be a kind of easy backup solution. Right now such feature is missing. Since it is a wireless device then you will need wifi connectivity in your PC. In the package there is a USB cable that can be used to connect the PC and console with each other.