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Xbox One will be able to record videos in 1080p soon

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In a post on its forums, Microsoft revealed its intentions to improve Game DVR, a feature of Xbox One that allows you to record your games to share them with your friends. Among the most important news is that it will let you record videos in 1080p.

Although several titles in the catalog of Xbox One are seen in 1080p, so far Game DVR only allows you to record the footage in resolution at 720p and a rate of 30 frames per second. Once the update is completed, your moments will be recorded in 1080p.

Another upgrade of the update is that videos can be automatically saved to external hard drives, which can now only be used to store games and applications. In this way, those who have little space on the hard disk of the console will have a good alternative.

Game DVR enhancements are expected to be available on all Xbox One models before the autumn is over. It is important to note that players who are part of the Alpha level of the Xbox Insider Program can now access these features.

You should know that Microsoft will also harness the power of Xbox One X to offer 4K video capture with HDR and a rate of 60 frames per second; however, it will have some limitations. This feature will be available on Xbox One X from the day of its debut.

Keep in mind that this is not the only improvement that is on the way to Xbox One. What we are referring to is that soon there will also be a redesign of its user interface, whose priority is to deliver a good performance in all models of the console.