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Xbox One Update brings Button Remapping to Standard Wireless Controllers

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The latest update to the Xbox One includes new options for mapping controller buttons of wireless standard, but with some limitations.

The latest update to the Xbox One has introduced several new features, including the new dashboard, Microsoft Edge and backward compatibility with games of Xbox 360. Not less important, however, is the addition of options to change the assignment of buttons of standard controller, a functionality previously only available for Elite Wireless version.

Xbox One Button Remapping
Xbox One Button Remapping

Oddly enough, the button remapping was one of the settings in the very beginning on the Xbox 360, but absent on the Xbox One. After installing the update, users of the new gaming console will have three ways to perform the mapping of the buttons through the New Xbox One Experience: enhancement settings, accessibility settings and Xbox Accessories app. The remapping is not designed only to meet the demands of gamers who, for example, reverse the controls of the analog sticks, but also for people with physical disabilities.

However, all options are not available like on the Elite controller, which remains the best choice for users looking for ultimate customization. On the standard controller, in fact, you can only swap pairs of buttons , for example, if A becomes B, B becomes automatically A. The user can also exchange the sticks and triggers. If the changes are not transferable, then you have to repeat the procedure of remapping if the controller is connected to another console.

On Elite controller, instead, it is possible to perform a complete mapping and assign multiple buttons to spread function. The settings are stored in the controller, so customizations remain active if it is connected to another console or PC. The Xbox Accessories app will signal with a notification that there is a mandatory update or optional firmware.