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Xbox One Update 1802 Download Available Now

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After the test phase reserved for members of the Preview program, the new Xbox One update 1802 is now available to all users. Among the features introduced are the planned themes, the Game Pass card and a new feature for the Goals.

Below we present all the new features introduced with the new Xbox One Update 1802:

Scheduled Themes: In addition to the possibility to choose the theme of the light or dark interface, you can also program the time of day when the console must pass from one to another, deciding for example to set the clear day theme and dark one in the evening.

Game Pass tab: Now the Game Pass titles will be displayed in a dedicated tab where you can filter and sort them, just like the installed games or those ready for installation.

Next Achievements: Through it, players can view and, on the basis of different criteria, sort the achievements they have not yet achieved. Achievements can be sorted, for example, according to the current state of fulfillment, their rarity, point rewards, and so on. The new section will be added to the Achievements interface in the main menu.

Do not Disturb: Now you can set the Do Not Disturb status, blocking any type of notification that could be distant. Your friends will see you online but as busy.

Mini Game Hubs: From the Panel, you can access mini Game Hubs without having to go back to the dashboard, so you can quickly see all the news related to your latest games.

Download to the Panel: Now you can check the status of downloads directly from the Panel, without having to go back to the dashboard in the “My Games and Apps”.

Shutdown due to inactivity: You can decide to have the console automatically shut down due to inactivity not only after one hour but also after two, three, four or five hours.

Have you started trying out the new features included in the system update? Remaining in theme with the Microsoft console, we remind you that yesterday was announced a new bundle of Xbox One S dedicated to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, arriving on February 20 at all selected dealers.