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Xbox One Will Have Support for 120Hz Monitors

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Are you a member of the Xbox One Insider program? Then you’ll be glad to know that a new update is on its way to the console. Among the novelties that you can enjoy in it is support for 120Hz monitors and a video tool.

We are going by parts: the update that will arrive in May will add support for 120Hz monitors, both those that are 1080p resolution and those that are 1440p. Thanks to this, the console players can take advantage of the benefits offered by this refresh rate.

Another novelty is that it adds a tool that allows you to use a simple video editor directly from the Xbox One guide. Thanks to this you will no longer need to visit the Upload Studio to make cuts to the footage you capture while playing.

Do you hate that your collection of digital games look messy? We have another good news: the May update will add the option to create groups of games and applications to make your dashboard look less chaotic. So, you can create groups to organize your games by gender; put in a group the ones you play the most or whatever else you can think of.

Keep in mind that the groups will be linked to your account, so they will be synchronized on all the consoles in which you log in. An important detail is that this feature will come gradually to all the members of the Insider program.

Finally, this update will also improve the Xbox One family configuration; will make adjustments to the Xbox Accessories app to make it easier to use and will add more intuitive commands. What do you think about this update? Is there a feature that you would like to see in a future update? Tell us in the comments below.