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Xbox One Has Sold 41 Million Units Worldwide, According to Analyst


We already know that the PS4 and Nintendo Switch are doing well when talking about the topic of “sales” worldwide, but what about Xbox One?

The Xbox One has had a very difficult generation, and although Phil Spencer has managed to give a twist to the brand in recent years, it is difficult to deny that the Microsoft console has had many casualties compared to the PS4 and even the Nintendo Switch itself.

The sales of the Microsoft console have been a mystery for the Redmond company since it has never published the console’s sales numbers. However, at ResetEra, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed that the global sales for Xbox One now stands at 41 million units. Actually, this means that the overall sales relationship between the Microsoft console compared to the PS4 are abysmal.

He also indicates that Nintendo Switch that was launched in 2017 will end up selling more than the Microsoft console later this year. In general, it was indicated how bad the Microsoft console performed this generation for Microsoft. Hopefully, they will do better with the next generation of Xbox with the codename Scarlett.

Not being an official data on the part of the own Microsoft, we remind users to take this news with a pinch of salt, but if this is true then it is not so positive scenario considering that PlayStation 4 already accumulated more than 91 million units sold, a ratio above 2:1 in favor of Sony.

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