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Xbox One S gets additional support for recordable Blu-ray

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Microsoft has released a new update for Xbox One S, which adds additional support for Blu-ray.

Xbox One S White 2TB models

Xbox One S continues to expand its possibilities as an entertainment system beyond the games. So, if already this summer it was updated for the first time with the reader, now it does to allow playback of discs of BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (rewritable). A nice addition facing the use of multimedia content and will be well received by users.

According to the chief engineer of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, the patch allows reading of BD-R and BD-RE formats, which means that now the console is compatible with recordable discs and rewritable. This may seem minor, but surely there will be many people who will use the new feature.

The use of rewritable discs ensures that any “home” creation (compilation of videos, for example) may be reproduced without the need to upload any content to Youtube or any other platform that is capable of playing on the console, adding privacy for users and faster.

Recall that Microsoft still plans to add more options to play Blu-ray on Xbox One in the future. Last week, during the event of Windows 10, the company revealed that the console will be also able to play bitstream audio and Dolby Atmos, by Blu-ray soon.

The last major patch for Xbox One debuted in November 2015 under the name of New Xbox One Experience. This update introduced backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 and new menus, among other things. Since then, the console has received small improvements gradually.

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