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Xbox One Original discontinued from the Microsoft Store

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In 2016, Microsoft revealed Xbox One S, a version with support for HDR, 4K videos and a more smaller size. In addition, this year Xbox One X will debut, a system with support for 4K gaming. Well, with these consoles on the market, it seems that the company plans to get rid of a specific model: the original Xbox One.

According to a report from Kotaku UK, Microsoft’s online store in the UK points out that the original Xbox One is sold out. Moreover, the Xbox page in the United States only shows a reconditioned version.

The company stopped manufacturing the console several months ago, but it is at this time that the first Xbox One is no longer available to be purchased in the Microsoft store.

Obviously, this is something that was going to happen and surely will not surprise anyone. Microsoft is focused on selling Xbox One S and Xbox One X by the end of this year. As an example, we have the special edition of Minecraft, the bundle of Shadow of War and the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition available at 499 USD.

If for some reason you prefer the old model, we advise you to go to the nearest store to look for it, because it has its days counted. The original Xbox One has been gone and is now accompanying its friend Kinect, but there is no reason to be sad, as new editions will arrive in the coming days.

Xbox One X will debut on November 7, will have 4K support and more than 100 games will be able to harness the power of the new console of Microsoft.