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Xbox One could still receive keyboard and mouse support

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With the unification of its platforms with Windows 10, much has been said about the possibility that Xbox One could still receive support for keyboard and mouse. While the above has not come true, there are still members of the company who want it to happen.

One of them is Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who recently decided to answer questions from his fans on Twitter. In one of them, Spencer was questioned about whether Halo Wars 2 will be compatible with this control scheme. The manager made it clear that the option will not be available at the launch of the RTS, but the later offered some hope by saying: “It won’t be there at launch but this is support we’d like to add as it comes to the Xbox platform.”

The RTS is a much more popular genre on PC than on consoles, since players prefer to enjoy it with keyboard and mouse than with a traditional controller because they allow to control several groups of units more quickly and accurately. Thus, although Halo Wars 2 is well suited for use of the Xbox One controller, it is not surprising that there are people interested in playing as they would on PC.

As mentioned, the arrival of keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One is not a new topic. Before the release of Xbox One, Microsoft revealed that they thought about this option, but it was until last year when Spencer confirmed that they are working on it.

Halo Wars 2 will arrive on February 21 for Xbox One and Windows 10; note that the open Beta of Blitz mode will end today. On the other hand, a few weeks ago it was confirmed that this title will have physical version of PC, while some people may start playing before its official release.

Would you like the keyboard and mouse support to come soon to Xbox One? In which games would you take the option? Tell us in the comment section below.