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Xbox One BluRay app will support upscaling to 4K

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Through the social network of Twitter, Mike Ybarra, chief engineer of the Xbox division, announced recently that the application for the Blu Ray playback on Xbox One will support upscaling to 4K.

Xbox One

Xbox One does not have native support for Blu Ray Ultra HD to 4K. But due to increasing demand of users Microsoft has decided to release an update for the BluRay app allowing upscaling of video for those who have a compatible TV. This was announced by Mike Ybarra via Twitter, so owners of a 4K TV with the old Xbox One can still achieve improvements.

Xbox One will however not be able to play Blu Ray UDH on the new Xbox One S, but owners of 4K panels will be able to benefit from some improvements in the operation of upscale. At the moment there are no anchors notes with such techniques that will be used to improve the stretching of the images, but it is presumed the implementation of one of those already offers within the latest generation of TV sets.

It was not immediately known whether the upscaling quality of the Xbox One Blu-ray app is superior to that already offered by integrated systems in the vast majority of 4K screens, but hope it does not cost anything.

Interestingly, an update that although will not be comparable to 4K native, will bring benefits to movie fans.