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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Exceeds 1 Billion Hours of Playing

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Although many doubted about the backwards compatibility of Xbox One, it is clear that this feature was received with open arms by the community. Now, Microsoft presumed that the Xbox 360 and Xbox Original titles that can be played on Xbox One have collectively registered almost 1 billion hours of playing.

In June of 2017, Microsoft denied a study that indicated that the players were not interested in backwards compatibility. At that time, the company said that about half of the owners of the current generation had used this feature, accumulating more than 508 million hours of play in total. Comparing the current figures, it is clear that in recent months users have spent a lot of time testing Xbox 360 and Xbox Original titles on their Xbox One.

To this, we must mention that the company continues to expand the catalog of backwards compatibility on Xbox One. In April the program added 19 titles of Xbox Original, including Star Wars games and classics such as Jade Empire, Conker: Live & Reloaded and Blinx. Also, from this week it is possible to play Saints Row 2 on the current generation.

And if that was not enough, backwards compatibility makes Xbox 360 and Xbox Original games look better on Xbox One X. Microsoft released patches to allow Gears of War 2 and Red Dead Redemption to have graphics improvements on 4K TVs.

In related information, Microsoft announced that sales of Xbox One that increased 15% over the same period last year, however, no specific figures were presented. In addition, we know that Xbox software and services revenues increased 24%, while the Xbox LIVE user base amounted to 59 million subscribers.

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