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Xbox One April Update Available Now Already for Some Users

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If you are an Xbox One user there is important news for you as the Xbox One April update is already reaching users around the world.

Through a publication on its official site, Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, presented the new Xbox One April update that is already coming to the users of the console. The manager revealed the improvements and implementations that the console will experience once it is installed.

The update Initially, in terms of image there is an important integration thanks to the Automatic Mode of Low Latency (Auto Low-Latency Mode ALLM), which will allow the consoles to send a signal to the television to notify that a game and screen is being displayed, automatically, enter low latency mode, or what we popularly know as Game Mode. It is important to note that this will be possible as long as the TV has support for this integration.

On the other hand, and as announced long ago, the Xbox One April update gets the full support for monitors with AMD FreeSync and FreeSync 2 technology, with which you can reduce latency and decrease interruptions in the visual display. Also, the support for this technology will allow the frequency of updating of the monitors to be synchronized with the frame rate per second.

As promised, the April update brings Xbox One S and Xbox One X users the 2560 x 1440 (1440p) resolution, considered by many users to be the best option to play. In addition, compatible video applications will integrate an option to select 1440p and video game developers can also offer that resolution in their visual section.

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The update for April for Xbox One also comes with surprises for Mixer users because now it will be possible to share control commands thanks to the Share Controller application, which will allow a streamer to transfer control of the game that is transmitting to one of its spectators. The viewer who receives control can use a virtual remote control or connect an Xbox One control to its PC.

In terms of sharing content on networks, the update of Xbox One now allows you to publish images or video clips directly to Twitter, where it will appear in your account and can be seen there, without a link in between. To see all the content related to this new implementation just enter the hashtag #XboxShare.

Finally, in terms of audio, the April update allows the volume of the narrator to be adjusted independently of the volume of the system. In addition, it will be possible to balance the music of the game with the music we like to hear during our session.

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