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Xbox Live vs Playstation Plus

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The console war, a battle that we always hear about. While PC gamers go fetch popcorn, console players are ongoing battle for glory. But ultimately, this little war can certainly be explained only by a matter of taste.

PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live
PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live

While numerous games set out as “multiplatform”, the choice of console depends occasionally from exclusives on each of them. Some will even buy two consoles to never miss exclusivity. The other trend is about the discussion of the differences in services offered by the Xbox subscription codes and PSN codes. It is at this point that the choice of console can be complicated. The two have many similar characteristics, but they are still different. We will together try to understand which may prove to be the most suitable for you.

Price and assortment

First difference: the price for a subscription to Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are different. A 12-month subscription will cost $59.99 for Xbox and $49.99 for PlayStation. If Microsoft offers, for its part, assorted subscriptions (48 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 12 months or more), the PlayStation only offers subscription for a period of 3 months or 12 months.

Features with or without subscription

Of course, it is possible to use your console without having to activate a subscription. With Xbox Live, the features will already be important without paying a monthly fee. Thanks to applications natively available: Skype, MSN, Bing, Internet Explorer. The console also includes some features of Kinect, SmartGlass and Twitch directly, and you have the ability to send messages to friends or use VoiceChat without subscription.

On the side of PlayStation, you will have a web browser, Remote Play and the ability to pre-download games. Just like on Xbox, you will have the ability to share content via Youtube, Twitch and other channels without subscription.

Regarding the “old” PS3, you still have the opportunity today to play online without a subscription or any additional fees. On your PS4 on the other hand, but also on Xbox One, you will need a subscription in order to play online with your friends.

In addition to the online multiplayer mode, subscriptions offer exclusive content and many other benefits to enrollees. Among these benefits, we find discounts on old and new games, access to closed beta for games still in development, trials and demo versions of full games. But for many, the most important is the supply of “free” games offered every month.


PlayStation and Xbox both offer “free” games to their subscribers. But each party offer a different way. Xbox delivers the program through their “Games With Gold” and PlayStation via their “Instant Game Collection”.

PlayStation proposes new titles more often than Xbox but also tend to offer games mostly created by independent developers. If you are gaga for these independent games, PlayStation is now a serious candidate for you. Remember, however, that when your subscription expires, you will not have access to these games. Games With Gold on the Xbox 360 is the only exception. If you prefer to play AAA games, take the time to carefully observe the Xbox Live. The frequency is lower, but generally you will always find a AAA game in the batch.

Make your decision

Have you been able to measure the pros and cons facing the two consoles? One of the two you may seem to be more interested than the other now? However, we remain pretty sure that the final decision will be that, depending on your tastes and preferences. Indeed, we have seen that when content was not available on a console, or not offered for free, it was on the concurrent console. Therefore it is difficult to form a real opinion. In this case, it is better to always refer to the advice of those around us and to whom we trust. If you have gamer friends around you, seek them with questions that torment you and trust their opinion of connoisseurs. Whatever the circumstances or the product concerned, the advice of a trusted person who was able to test and approve the said-product is worth more than the speech of a brand.