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Xbox Live Games with Gold for November 2017 Announced

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Microsoft has revealed the games that Xbox Live Gold users will receive during the month of November 2017 thanks to the Games with Gold promotion.

Check out the list of games that are coming as part of the Games with Gold promotion for Xbox 360 and Xbox One next month below:

Trackmania Turbo (1 to 30 November, Xbox One)

Trackmania Turbo is a new installment of the veteran arcade driving series. This sequel will feature a regular circuit editor and a campaign mode, as well as more than 200 circuits, set in four different regions, and with a multiplayer both local screen split and online. One of its strengths is the ability to create our own circuits and share them easily over the Internet.

Tales from the Borderlands (November 16 to December 15, Xbox One)

Tales from the Borderlands presents the same story from two different points of view, each with its own protagonist. On the one hand, we will have Fiona, one artist, while on the other, Rhys, a Hyperion worker. It is an adventure that follows the usual formula of Telltale games, where all the weight lies in its narrative and in the decisions that we take along its development.

Nights into dreams (1 to 15 November, Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

Those who already have a time in this world surely do not need an explanation about this game. It is in effect a remastered version in high definition to adopt the classic game of Sega Saturn to the current screens of Xbox 360. In addition, this title offers additional content such as a gallery of character models, an interview with Takashi Iizuka and Christmas Nights, an expansion of the original game with new levels set on this holiday.

Deadfall Adventures (November 16-30, Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

Following the genre on the consoles and other heroes of film and television, comes this action and adventure game for Xbox 360. The game will take place in 1938, and we will control James Lee Quatermain while escorting a US government agent to try to retrieve an ancestral artifact, called “the heart of Atlantis” from an Egyptian temple before the Nazis do.