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Xbox Live Games With Gold for January 2017 announced

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Microsoft has unveiled the games that users of Xbox Live Gold will receive during the month of January 2017 through the promotion of Games With Gold. Games With Gold is a promotion that gives the Gold subscribers (surcharge) Xbox Live titles for Xbox 360 forever monthly, although in Xbox One we will only be able to accede to them when we have the active subscription. We remind you that, thanks to the backwards compatibility, Xbox One gets four games.

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap: Available January 1-31 on Xbox One

It is a spin-off for Xbox One of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing that focuses on combining defense with towers and the role of action. Thus, the title will combine the mechanics of a defense game with towers – in the form of traps – with those of an action title and role, increasing our character’s abilities – and its resources to lay the traps – as we play, Choosing between three main classes and developing more than 50 different skills in each one of them.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition: Available from January 16 to February 15 on Xbox One

The classic fighting game by Rare returns after a long absence for the release of the Xbox One console. This fighting game will be downloadable for free over the Internet, but will be only including two characters. The rest, we will have to buy them individually or in a pack, giving users the ability to see if the game attracts them and hooks them, to get them in full, while updating season by season. Bringing a mix of classic fighters, new faces and the well-known combo system makes each combat an intense and fun experience.

The Cave: Available January 1-15 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

The creator of Monkey Island offers an adventure for Xbox 360 in two dimensions based entirely on solving puzzles and riddles. In this game we will control several characters, the Knight can become invincible, immune to damage, the Pallet is capable of holding unlimited breath underwater, the Scientist can hack computers, the Adventurer launches a hook with which you can overcome certain obstacles, The Twins can perform an astral projection, leaving a switch while they move, the Monk has the power of telekinesis, attracting or touching objects at a distance, and the Future Traveler can teleport and traverse objects.

Rayman Origins: Available January 16-21 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Rayman leaves three dimensions to return to a more traditional title with Rayman Origins for Xbox 360, similar to the first Rayman from the mid-90s, combining 2D graphics with gameplay of the classic platforms. It also includes a cooperative mode in which up to four people can play and exceed levels by combining their abilities.