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Microsoft Bringing Xbox LIVE Cross-Platform Gaming to Switch, iPhone and Android

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It seems that Microsoft is not satisfied with the 64 million monthly users that Xbox LIVE has. This is because the company wants it to be accessible to more players by taking it to titles for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

What we are referring to is that in Game Developers Conference 2019, Microsoft will have a session focused on a new tool for developers. It is a kit that will allow you to integrate Xbox LIVE as a cross-platform service on Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices. In this way, it is expected that players on these platforms can unlock achievements, access their friends list and check their clubs. In addition, it will make cross-play easier to implement.

It is important to note that in this session only the kit will be shown for the first time and it is likely that it will still take many years for us to see it in a game. This is because it seems that we will most likely see it in games that are only at a very early stage of development.

It is worth mentioning that it would not be the first time that we will see Xbox LIVE out of the world of Xbox consoles. After all, for years you can access the online service from computers with Windows 10. In addition, Minecraft on Nintendo Switch allows you to log in to an Xbox LIVE account.

And you, do you think it’s a matter of time for the presence of Xbox LIVE to increase on other platforms? Tell us in the comments below.

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