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Xbox Game Pass: Next Halo, Forza, and Gears of War Will Be Available Since Launch Day

Microsoft today announces a new important news for the Xbox community, which will see the expansion and renewal of the Xbox Game Pass, thus offering all fans a unique gaming experience.

The goal of the expansion is to make available on Xbox Game Pass all the exclusive Xbox One titles produced by Microsoft Studios the same day of the launch. This means that when Sea of ​​Thieves will be available on March 20th, it will be featured on the Xbox Game Pass catalog and playable by all of its subscribers.

This ambitious project is not only about the titles already announced as Sea of ​​Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3, but also to those games of Microsoft Studios that will be presented in the future, including the new episodes of the sagas that have marked the history of Xbox like Halo, Forza and Gears of War.

Microsoft has just begun to explore the broad opportunities this new subscription model can offer to the video game industry and its fans. Microsoft believes that Xbox Game Pass is the perfect catalyst through which developers and publishers can reinvent the way games are created and distributed, thus creating new ways to play and experience the game.

It is the closest step we have seen to date to the defendant Netflix of video games, and a whole hit on the part of Microsoft. With a price of $9.99 per month, the proposal could not be more attractive, really.

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