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Xbox Exec thanks everyone for good sales of Xbox One S

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After the overwhelming performance of the PlayStation 4 in the market, Microsoft has dominated US sales in recent months thanks to Xbox One S. For this reason, the American company decided to talk about the good time and, incidentally, thanks its fans.

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Through his Twitter account, Aaron Greenberg, marketing executive of Xbox, thanked those who helped get them “back to the top”, and with a hashtag in the same publication, asking his followers who did not qualify the momentum of the brand as a new beginning in the console war.

As Greenberg said in a later tweet, the momentum of Xbox One S in the past month is no small matter because, reportedly the Microsoft console managed to overcome PlayStation 4 Slim in sales, one of the 2 new versions of the Sony console that arrived this year.

Despite the recent success, it is impossible to ensure that Xbox One is close to reaching sales of PlayStation 4. This is mainly due to two factors: the first is that Microsoft has not disclosed how many units of its console has sold; the second is that the recent dominance of Xbox has only been in the US and UK, while PlayStation is king in parts of Europe and Asia.

There is no doubt that this situation will become much more interesting in the coming months with the arrival of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the holidays.

The Xbox One S is a revision of Xbox One that includes several best titles at 4K video output and support for HDR. This console is available in various parts of the world since August, but at the moment it is unknown what will be its price and release date in India.

While only time will tell what is going to happen, your opinion matters to us, so tell us in the comment section below, do you think Xbox One S will continue to dominate sales in the United States?