Microsoft: Xbox Consoles Are Immune To The Specter and Meltdown Bugs of Intel and AMD CPUs

The Xbox One security architecture avoids such problems, says Mike Ybarra

Microsoft Xbox One X

The serious bugs of Specter and Meltdown discovered recently in processors of AMD and Intel do not affect in any way the family consoles of Xbox such as Xbox One/One S and Xbox One X. The confirmation comes directly from Mike Ybarra of Microsoft with a small message on Twitter.

Ybarra wanted to reassure owners of the Redmond house platforms by explaining how the architecture of Xbox One is designed precisely to prevent flaws of this type that can cause damage of any kind to the console, so the owners of Xbox will not have to face problems due to Specter and Meltdown bugs.

In that sense, Mike Ybarra stated the following from his Twitter account:”FYI: The security architecture of Xbox already mitigates against the recent chip-related security vulnerabilities.”

Microsoft has published the first patch to solve problems on Windows and tablet Surface, Apple and other manufacturers should soon follow with important security updates for their devices based on Intel and AMD CPUs.

Sony has yet to comment on it, although it is safe to assume that the architecture of PlayStation 4 can guarantee the same degree of security of Xbox One with respect to these vulnerabilities.