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Rumor: Xbox App and Game Pass Coming to Nintendo Switch


According to some rumors that emerged in the past few hours, it seems that Microsoft and Nintendo are intending to collaborate rather closely in the future. It would have the resounding intention of the Redmond colossus to bring their own Game Pass library on Switch.

This is what emerges from the report of Direct Feed Games, which also cites several sources, according to which Microsoft would like to publish some titles on the hybrid console of the Big N in the form of porting. Not to mention that on Switch other video games have also released of the team owned by Microsoft like Ninja Theory and Obsidian.

Specifically, Direct Feed mentions Ori and the Blind Forest as the next title that could be coming also on Switch. But the juiciest rumor is about the fact that Microsoft would be willing to leverage the streaming service of Project xCloud to bring Xbox One games on the Nintendo console via streaming, through the Game Pass.

According to the source, the times would even be almost ripe for an announcement that should come shortly, presumably coinciding with the next edition of the E3.

What do you think of this possibility? Do you believe this is the right move for both companies? Which Xbox One titles, in particular, would you like to play on Nintendo Switch? Tell us in the comments below.

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