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A Fan Transforms Xbox 360 Into A PS4 Arcade Stick


Although it seems difficult that Sony and Microsoft will soon collaborate on a project related to the world of consoles, that does not prevent fans to combine brands. As an example of this, we have a player who transformed an Xbox 360 into an arcade stick for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and fully functional on PC.

This incredible creation – or blasphemy, depending on the perspective you see it – is the responsibility of the Reddit user called Raspberry Chainsaw. As you can imagine, this device is nothing special, since only the interior elements of the console were removed to later install the necessary hardware to transform it into a controller. In a nutshell, the Xbox 360 is only used as a housing.

However, it is striking that Raspberry Chainsaw was not satisfied with a functional controller and also tried hard to make it look good. That is why, with the mission that everything combined with the hardware of the controller, he also painted some golden details on the console.

Before you get upset, it’s important to know that the Xbox 360 that was used to create this arcade stick no longer worked. This means that no console was damaged. This is why we prefer to see this controller as a great posthumous tribute to a soldier who fell after giving hours of fun to its owner.

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