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WWE 2K20: Hilarious & Funniest Bugs Captured by Players in the Game

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Today WWE 2K20 has been released, the new installment of this wrestling series. This year it is the first time the title has been developed exclusively by Visual Concepts and not by co-developer Yuke’s – who already works in his own game – something that seems to have triggered the number of graphical bugs.

One of them, captured by different sources, affects the referee in the combat, who strangely begins to crawl on the ground. This situation has been recorded in a fight between Charlotte and Natalya, which you can see below.

There are other similar examples or bugs that you can find below:

[WWE2K20] [Video] Referee refuses to count the pinfall from PS4

[WWE 2K20] [Gif] WWE 2K19’s hair physics (left) vs. WWE 2K20’s (right) from PS4

The relay in the development of WWE 2K20 seems to be the cause of these failures that, although they can result in funny effects, it breaks the experience of combat. Visual Concepts would have redone some of Yuke’s systems, but they wouldn’t be very polished due to lack of time.

Yuke’s is a Japanese studio specialized in this type of games since 1993, and they have worked for WWF SmackDown!, WWF Royal Rumble and many other licensed games of UFC Undisputed or WWE, including WWE ’12 and WWE ’13 for THQ and the WWE 2K14 to WWE 2k19 for 2K Games. This year they released one of their few other genre titles, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain for D3 Publisher.

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