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WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch First Patch Download Available Now

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If you have been watching the news related to WWE 2K18 you know that its version for Switch debuted weeks ago and it did with several performance problems. Fortunately, 2K Games, Yukes, and Blind Squirrel did not leave the players of this version helpless and today they released a patch that seeks to improve it.

At the moment, 2K Games has not released the first patch notes for WWE 2K18. However, several users say that the update reduced loading times and improved their performance a bit. We will keep an eye on it and update the patch note here if 2K Games decides to reveal the details of this update.

As we already mentioned, the Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 debuted with a poor performance. For example, it presents several frame rate problems when there are more than 2 fighters in battle or in the fighters’ introductions. In addition, the audio is cut at some moments and had very long loading screens.

Once the players put their hands on this release, many raised their voices against this situation. Shortly after this, Blind Squirrel, the studio responsible for this port, published a tweet in which it confessed to being aware of this situation and made it clear that its members are working on a solution.

WWE 2K18 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.