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WWE 2K15 NXT ArRival DLC download available now

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WWE 2K15 is a wrestling game that was released in October 2014. The game is developed and sold by 2K Games. There were few DLC that landed on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. After a few months an additional DLC is released in the market so that gamers can have more fun. This DLC focuses on new characters and a new story line also. Most of the matches are done between different WWE superstars. This includes matches like Steel Cage, Three Stages of Hell, Casket Match, etc.

WWE 2K15 received the latest DLC called as NXT ArRival. This is out and available for download already. This new DLC brings up some more additions in the roster and there is a new story line also. This will make the game a bit more impressive to play. Here this DLC is paid. It is sold on a discounted rate. For those who are having Season Pass also have to pay. To all the members, this game will cost around $6.99. Game developer is selling the DLC on a discounted rate.

A few highlights of this DLC are that it is going to offer you a lot of new characters in the game. This includes champions from WWE. JBL will be the Monday night raw announcer. NXT General Manager is also included in the patch. There are three more additions. They are Adam Rose, the Ascension and Diva Emma. There is a impressive sound track also in the game. This soundtrack is made by John Cena.