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WRC 7 could arrive on Nintendo Switch

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Expected this fall, WRC 7 could also arrive on Nintendo Switch. Not to rule out the hypothesis it was Kloytonn, software house author of the game, during an interview given to the magazine RedBull by director Alain Jarniou. The latter himself praised the new Nintendo console and held the door open to the possible debut of WRC 7 on Switch.

WRC 7 could be one day entitled to a Nintendo Switch version but one thing is certain, nothing is planned concerning the VR. Nevertheless, the game intends to use the power of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio.

WRC 7 has been announced in images and video on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for a release planned for this autumn and the official website of Red Bull was able to ask some questions to Alain Jarniou of Kylotonn, the director of the game. Here is a small listing of interesting information that came out from the leader:

“Just like Nintendo used to do, with the Switch they’ve provided us with a new way of playing, and it’s very interesting” explained Jarniou. “We are looking into this new platform to see how it can fit for our games in general. Everything is possible and WRC 7 might come out on the Switch if we find good matches with the game experience.”

With regard to the possible difficulties to develop on Switch, “Technically, the device is quite different to other platforms. It’s exciting to see what’s behind it and what kind of possibilities it provides. We are expecting good surprises! In terms of usage, it’s also something quite new; gameplay will surely need some adaptation, but that is a good opportunity to rethink the driving experience.”

We expect the team to retort on the matter to find out if the game not only comes on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but will also arrive even on Nintendo Switch.