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WRC 5 release set to October and new trailer

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World Rally Championship 5 is all set to come in the month of October. This game is revealed by a trailer that is provided at the bottom of this article. The video simply shows you a bit of nice gameplay where you can drive through various regions and in different conditions. This includes driving in rain, drifting on ice cold tracks, desert, etc. The game looks impressive through the video. It would be a bit better if we can check out the demo to find out the actual gameplay. The game is set to release in autumn 2015 on consoles and on PC. It will also appear on PlayStation Vita. The video below offers you a glimpse of different location and some more things. The game is quite successful as this one is the 5th edition. It will be more improved and realistic with lot of new challenges and objective.

The game has very less time for the release. Here we are expecting a demo of the same so that it will be easier for anyone to test and find out how the game will be. The trailers and screenshots on the official site are just limited and shows only few glimpse of tracks and locations. If you had played the previous edition then you will surely enjoy this one too. It is a competitive game where you have to drive car through different challenging tracks on the basis of lowest time taken. Checkout WRC 5 announcement trailer below:

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