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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Beta Is Live Now

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Blizzard lists all the details for the arrival of Battle for Azeroth, the new expansion of World of Warcraft. After going through an Alpha, the Beta of the title finally started, so the company already sent the first round of keys to join this new adventure.

From the forums of the game, Blizzard confirmed that the new trial stage of Battle for Azeroth will start with everything this week. In fact, the studio is preparing a special broadcast for tomorrow on Twitch.

During the event, Ion Hazzikostas, the director of the game, will answer some questions about the new expansion. The transmission will begin at 11 AM PST, 8 PM CEST on Thursday, April 26.

If you have the opportunity to participate in the Beta, you may be interested to know that now the level limit will be 120. In addition, there were adjustments in the CancelUnitBuff command and the Alpha forums have already been replaced. If you want to know if you have been selected for the test, just go to your account.

Note that Blizzard plans to send more keys to the Beta over the course of the week. If you want the company to take you into account, go to the options of your profile, right to the games section and click on the Beta Profile Settings, there you can select World of Warcraft to apply to your future tests.

If you are looking forward to this content, remember that there will be a special edition that will reward you with digital content for other games of the company. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will debut on August 14 on PC.