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Would Further Delays Have Helped Cyberpunk?

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Gaming as a whole has certainly found its time in the light over this past year as a lot of attention has been paid to the growing markets and the big delayed releases – whilst there has been a lull in big titles, small genres in online casinos have been performing extremely well despite changes to regulation and initiatives, and the rise of non Gamstop casinos particularly amongst mobile users had been a big highlight in gaming for the year – up until the release of the most anticipated titles help Cyberpunk 2077.

First announced nearly a decade ago, the next big release from CD Projekt Red had promised to deliver on a lot – revolutionary AI that would change gaming as a whole, great story telling with a pick your own adventure styled theme, and a huge open world that allowed players to follow whichever path they wanted. There’s always a problem with over promising on features, however, and these were found very early will help Cyberpunk as a number of different delays came throughout this year in a bid to ensure the game was ready for all. 

A big reason for the delays stated by the developer had been in ensuring the game was prepared for the previous generation of consoles, which is understandable as it would be a huge part of their player base – but despite this the delays weren’t enough. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game bordered on unplayable for many with very low framerates and bugs galore which took away from the immersive experience promised, but even those playing on top of the line gaming PC’s juiced to the gills found themselves struggling with similar issues too as inconsistent framerates and inconsistent bugs between different hardware configurations left many fans scratching their heads.

Whilst CDPR have since somewhat went on damage control and are trying to find ways to reassure the players that these issues can be fixed in the future (to whatever degree) and that refunds would be issued if players still felt unsatisfied – it does ask the question, would further delays have helped fix the problems being seen, or just delayed the inevitable?

It’s a tough one to answer, developing for the previous and next generation has its own challenges, and throwing the PC on top of that too adds another layer too – another year in development may have helped as perhaps the game could’ve been scrapped on the previous generation of consoles and focussed on the newer generation, but with a crunch to ensure the game was released by the holiday period and release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 may have had an impact there. Whilst still receiving good reviews as a solid title that’s just a little unpolished, fan expectations were certainly impacted by this launch, and further goes to show the problems being seen in the current pre-order and pre-purchase culture where many games are released seemingly incomplete, despite huge budgets and large time frames.