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Worst Running PS4 Pro Games List in Boost Mode

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Earlier this week we published a list of titles that takes advantage of the Boost Mode of PS4 Pro that will debut with firmware 4.50, currently in beta. Today, the website Neogaf has instead published a short list of games that have problems in Boost Mode.

Surprisingly, Sony has decided to implement a Boost Mode on PlayStation 4 Pro. The purpose of this new feature as the name implies: to provide an enhancement to all games without a PS4 Pro patch.

On the one hand we have the little miracles of Boost Mode that operates on Assassin’s Creed Unity and Rainbow Six Siege: the frame rate of the former is greatly improved, even in the presence of many NPCs on-screen, and Siege manages to run between 70 and 100 fps. It is an obvious upgrade, although a downside is not lacking for certain titles.

Below we present a list of games that have problems in Boost Mode. It is a rather small list. Please note that the problems could be resolved before the official availability of this feature.

Tembo The Badass Elephant – The game could crash with Boost Mode Activated
SOMA – Again, in Boost Mode players may experience unexpected crash
Slender: The Arrival – Reported problems related to lighting
Grow Home – Lots of stuttering during the gameplay.

Also, there are some titles that do not undergo any improvement with Boost Mode activated: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, The Telltale Batman Series, Dead Island, Dragon Quest Builders, God Eater Resurrection, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Shadow Complex and Trivial Pursuit Live.

Recall that the Boost Mode will be available for all users of PS4 Pro when the firmware 4.50 will be officially published, probably in the course of February.