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World Of Warcraft Patch 6.1 available for download soon

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In the upcoming 6.1 patch, World of Warcraft will notably offer more advanced graphics options.

From its 10 years, the MMORPG game World of Warcraft from Blizzard manages to age properly. This is enabled by the very cartoony art direction of the title, but also by regular graphical improvements over the patches. Whether there are refreshed effects of spells, new character models or even reworked environment, the improved areas are numerous. This time, Blizzard tackles a more technological aspect room with dimming, lighting and anti-aliasing.

The relatively powerful PC owners along with DirectX 11 will therefore be able to enjoy the HBAO+ signed technology of Nvidia to improve shadows. The others have to accept the high SSAO proposed by Blizzard. At the side of Anti-aliasing, still under DX11, advanced settings of MSAA and SSAA+CMAA arrived. For users close to the recommended configuration, the classic CMAA is the best solution to avoid aliasing.

Finally, the lighting will be seen improved with illumination per pixel divided and the result depends on the power of the graphics card. Concretely, this redesign “can create multiple sources of precise light affects for every object in the game environment.” For comparative images with and without these improvements, go here.

Currently being tested on the test server, the 6.1 patch could happen quickly to believe in its current name. For the record, this version will, in addition to the above improvements and conventional balancing classes, have a new model for the blood elves, the ability to combine its Twitter account to the game, a new tab for its heritage objects and many changes (interface, quests, subjects, assignment, etc).