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World War Z Rated MA 15+; Release Not Far Away

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An age rating from Australia has indicated that the release of World War Z is not at all that far away.

The four-player co-op title, World War Z, will release in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We do not know more about the release period, but chances are better that the release of the game will happen in the first half of 2019, maybe even in the spring.

In Australia, World War Z has been given an age rating of MA 15+. This could be an indication that information on the game’s release date would begin in the next few months.

Check out the description of the game below:

  • Survive the zombie swarm in four-player cooperate action with an arsenal of guns and gear, World War Z invites you to #OutliveTheDead.
  • Based on the proprietary Swarm Engine by Saber Interactive, seamlessly allowing hundreds of zombies to be rendered on the screen.
  • Zombie Swarms behave like a real crowd, getting stuck in narrow corridors or climbing on top of each other to reach players on a higher level.
  • Procedural enemy and item spawns (which are also based on a player’s performance) provide a highly replayable coop experience.
  • Level up your characters and customize your weapons to survive on higher difficulties.
  • Featuring unique co-op storyline campaigns around the world in New York City, Moscow, and Jerusalem, each with their own unique environment, stories, and challenges.
  • Set traps, barricades, turrets, & sentries as you gear up and strategize to survive the zombie horde.
  • Advanced gore and dismemberment system provides a visceral and satisfying shooter experience.
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