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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.1, PvP Mercenary Mode download available soon

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Patch 6.2.1 will be rolling soon for World of Warcraft. The patch is going to add a new feature in the game where you can play as a Mercenary. This is a new Mercenary mode that would help you to experience something new in the game. This was actually a requirement that was previously asked by gamers. But after quite a long time the mode is finally introduced and Patch 6.2.1 will add the same. The patch date is not yet finalized. But the game developer has mentioned that it might be available soon. So there is not much waiting time for this now. For the Mercenary mode, you can play and earn the same kind of reward that you get before others win or lose faction.

World of Warcraft Screenshot
World of Warcraft Screenshot

The mode also offers a low matchmaking time. So that you can queue up fast and fight with others.  The game is based on war between Alliance and Horde. This is the central object of WoW. The game gets a twist by having this Mercenary mode. So in this mode what you get is to have your own faction and then you can play with others. Low wait time is one of the major fix this patch is going to bring. You will get a very less queue time when you are using Mercenary mode. Also it is not very essential that you have to choose Mercenary mode. It is entirely based on options. If you do not plan to go for that then it is not going to cause anything. Check out the World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.1 PTR Notes, PvP Mercenary Mode on this official website here.

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