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World of Warcraft Legion Expansion To Release in August 2016

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Blizzard has finally revealed the release date of the sixth extension of its popular MMORPG game, World of Warcraft (WoW), entitled Legion. The features offered with this additional content are also discussed.

World of Warcraft Legion Screenshot

Beating the records of longest running game, World of Warcraft is preparing to return to the front of the stage with the arrival of a sixth official extension. Called as Legion, it will give a boost to the interest of the MMORPG game.

Indeed, the add-on will drive up the level of our character to 110 and introduce a new class (the Demon Hunter), new weapons and a whole new PvP system. In terms of environments, it will be possible to explore the shattered islands, a well-known continent to those who have played Warcraft 3.

Waited until this spring, WoW: Legion enjoys an official release date unveiled by Blizzard: on 30 August 2016. In the case of pre-order, it will be possible to test the new class in advance and boost a character level up at 100.

The retail and digital versions are available at 44.99 dollars, while Blizzard will also market a Digital Deluxe Edition at 59.99 dollars. You can also register for the beta at this address and pre-order the game and get early access to the heroic class of Demon Hunter.