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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – pros and cons of the new addon

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An addon for World of Warcraft that adds the Inns race, the Winner class, dragon riding, and an updated talent and craft system.

Users will visit five new locations, dungeons, and raids, get a new user interface, and the 70th maximum level. Inns have a humanoid form and the appearance of a dragon. Players for this race will be able to choose a faction like the Pandaren.

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Exploring the world and the system

Dragon flight

The most advertised system during the promotion of the game was dragon flights – a global reworking of conventional flights, which first appeared in the game with the addition of The Burning Crusade, without changing since then from the word at all. Not only did the developers abandon their rule “flights only in update X.1, because players first need to explore the whole world on foot,” allowing players to fly freely from the very first day of the addon, but they also gave them the tools for ultra-fast flights. At first, when the player only gets such an opportunity, flights feel too limited and rather resemble planning.

If you find all the symbols on the Dragon Islands and pump the flights to the maximum (which is done at least at the 60th level in 20-60 minutes, depending on the player’s skills), this system almost completely overshadows the old flights, which even makes it a bit insulting that they are currently unavailable in any location the old world.

Flights have their negative sides: due to the presence of an analog of dragon endurance, it is impossible to fly indefinitely, which makes, for example, collecting ore and grass, not the fastest occupation – periodically you just have to land and wait until the reserve of vivacity is restored.

Additional tasks

You are gradually immersed in the history of the game because it is really interesting. If you see any additional tasks, it is highly suggested to complete them, and not because they need to be done to gain experience. A very large number of additional tasks either have an interesting plot or simply represent a funny situation.

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Do two draconian environmentalists need help stroking crabs to calm down, rescue hippos from air vortices and rescue a duck stuck in a water bubble? With great pleasure! An artist who has lost inspiration needs to find a purpose in life and inspire to help with teaching art to another student. Yes! Save the dragon resort from a disaster caused by our enemies? I’m already running! Sit still for ten minutes and listen to the extremely sad story of a very old dragon. With such a scenario, at least 30 minutes!

Recycling of professions

The last time the profession system received at least some kind of love was already in the Legion supplement and the foundations for it were laid in the original World of Warcraft. In Dragonflight, the designers decided to bring the biggest changes in the history of the game to the main professions. Now both created items and reagents for the main professions, extracted by collective professions, have up to 5 ranks! Moreover, collecting and producing professions have their own set of characteristics that improve the gameplay and affect different aspects when collecting/creating:

Producing professions

  • Mastery – Improves the quality of the finished item
  • Inspiration – With a probability of X%, inspiration visits you, adding Y to the skill
  • Resourcefulness – You can use fewer reagents with a probability of X%
  • Speed of manufacture – Increases the speed of manufacture of items
  • Overproduction (only about consumable items) – You create additional items with a probability of X%.

Collective professions

  • Mastery – The level of mastery increases the quality of the extracted reagents
  • Accuracy – When collecting resources, you get more than the main reagent with a probability of X%
  • Dexterity – Increases the speed of resource collection
  • Mindfulness – Increases the probability of getting rare materials when collecting resources.


Once again, the game developers have added a new batch of factions: 4 main and 4 additional, but about the former, they decided to move away from the standard “indifference-exaltation” system, replacing it with a fame system; the one that first appeared in WoW in the Shadowlands supplement. Although this time it practically does not affect the strength of the character, except for a couple of awards, it now opens access to both cosmetic items and campaign tasks; the latter was inspired by Zeret Mortis, which appeared in update 9.2.

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Treasures, rare opponents, and local quests

Although random treasures have been in the game since the very beginning of the existence of World of Warcraft, their new iteration in Dragonflight was tied up to several other systems at once: the main professions and factions; you always get an artifact corresponding to the type of treasure to improve your reputation with the main faction, and also, with some probability, you can either get a ready-made weekly consumable an item that gives a point of knowledge of the specialization of the profession, or an artifact that allows you to get the same thing, but for any of the two chosen professions (but the latter has a much lower probability of falling out).


The first dive into the new addition is very memorable, and in an extremely positive way; no borrowed power, a minimum number of long and boring tasks (but such still occur), qualitative changes in talents, professions, and other old systems like local tasks and so on. It will be extremely fun to explore new locations for the first time and to perform tasks never seen before. When you make yourself alternative characters, then harsh reality can already come with them – pumping is delayed; if you rush only through the main story campaign, you will finish pumping, which takes at least 4 hours, at about level 67, and you will have to get the rest on your own through dungeons or additional activities.

There is even more content ahead for all players, even within the first season of Dragon Flight, if everything goes according to plan for the developers and their published roadmap for 2023 can be trusted.