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World of Warcraft 6.2 patch download available on testserver

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The update 6.2 Warlords of Draenor comes on the test servers and Blizzard publishes preliminary rating. In the program, you can explore the Tanaan Jungle to raise the resources for new shipyards in this MMO.

If players of World of Warcraft sometimes regret updates are too slow, it is clear that they systematically integrate a (large) set of new content. The next major update of the MMORPG, numbered 6.2, comes on WOW testing servers and its temporary note patch is published on the official website here.

In bulk, including one that accepts the fiefs of players earn an extra dimension: the players with a level of 3 stronghold can now erect shipyards, enough to build ships that will fill naval missions. Few details are disclosed at this time on these missions, but the feature appears linked to the new area of ​​the update, the Tanaan Jungle (released by the patch and presented as “a populated area open with rare creatures and hidden treasures”). To get there, you will have to accept the mission “War Council” in its stronghold and build a shipyard. Clearly, in addition to pursue clashes with iron Horde, Tanaan Jungle has also full of resources needed to operate its shipyard (accessible through new daily quests).

Tanaan also has a new raid, the Hellfire Citadel, a mighty fortress of iron Horde, infested with evil energies of Gul’dan and containing thirteen new bosses including, we are told, Kilrogg Eye-death, the monstrous Teron Gorefiend, revived version of Mannoroth demon Archimonde and even in person.

Beyond the new content, the 6.2 update should also unlock a new feature specifically designed for idle players, the Adventure Guide. We know that the so-called MMO theme park differ notably marked by relatively game mechanics – the player is more or less guided with a consumable content to another. Assuming he would lose the course of this adventure, Adventure Guide is intended to advise or suggest content areas and close to which the player could tackle or visit, given its level.

In the meantime, note that patch 6.2 is available on the official website at this address, and as usual, will be updated regularly at the discretion of the tests.