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World of Final Fantasy demo download available now

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The demo of World of Final Fantasy is now available for download on the PlayStation Store, its a new spin-off set in the world of Final Fantasy with aesthetic chibi.


Square Enix has announced that the free demo of World of Final Fantasy is now available for download. The trial version is available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

This demo lets you play a dungeon that appears in the game. We will control Lann and Reynn, encounter Mirages – the monsters – and objects. Also some of the cameos from Final Fantasy will appear such as Cloud and Squall Lightning. Complete demo provides a “Magitek Armor P” for the full version.

The duration is quite extensive and you can enjoy the new menu of fighting, riding a mini-chocobos or see what creatures are with us.

World of Final Fantasy will be launched in Europe this October 28 on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. The players will travel through a world known as Grymoire and do friendship with dozens of typical characters of Final Fantasy. Lastly, this demo will obtain exclusive rewards to be used in the final version of the game.

Below you can find the download links of World of Final Fantasy:

France (PS4, PS Vita)
Australia (PS4, PS Vita)
Italy (PS4, PS Vita)
Germany (PS4, PS Vita)
New Zealand (PS4, PS Vita)
United Kingdom (PS4, PS Vita)
Japan (PS4, PS Vita)
Spain (PS4, PS Vita)

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