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Is it real new WhatsApp bot works to recognise fake news

works to recognise fake news

If you are already installing the WhatsApp application on your mobile, you can use this bot to get to know those fake news, which is undoubtedly coming through other chats. It is a source with data and links that aims to help us all access the complete information.  This is not the biased information on which these hoaxes are based. Let’s see how it works. In this article, I’ll try to give information about how whats app actually works to recognize fake news. The hoaxes and the fake news have always existed, but with the crisis caused by the COVID-19. These lies have increased and spread like a foam among the population. 



WhatsApp and Google are looking for ways to stop the advance of fake news.


Despite the ease of access to information provided by the internet, messaging networks and applications have become the perfect medium to spread these hoaxes. According to the portal Computer Hoy, the fight against this disinformation has reached the leading internet companies. WhatsApp and Google are looking for ways to stop the advance of fake news. One of the measures has been the creation of a bot that is already available in Spanish for all WhatsApp users. The first thing to do is to save the number +1 (727) 291-2606 in the list of our mobile to start a conversation with him from WhatsApp. Once you have open the chat, you can greet the bot with a simple “Hello” to start receiving information and instructions that will make it easy for you to understand how it works.


Whats app bot works like the old answering machines


More than a conversation, this bot works like the old answering machines. By dialling one number or another, we will receive different answers. 1 and 2 offer us information on the latest reported hoaxes and the knowledge that this fake news denies. If you receive any news or forwarded message from some other contact and you want to check whether it is a lie or not, you can send the bot the keyword of this news to see if it has registered any related hoax. We, for example, have asked him about 5G networks that have been the focus of some misinformation that accuse them of causing the virus and spreading it. 


WhatsApp bot works to recognise fake news


As you see in the screenshots, all the responses from the WhatsApp bot offer a link to the complete information so that we can check the sources and the data ourselves. In addition to recommending some tips to stop the advance of fake news with the number 3.

The following points 4 and 5 intended to inform users how this bot works and where the hoaxes are checked and recorded. This has been a great controversy that has surrounded the WhatsApp bot. The company has donated a million dollars to IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network), an organisation that encompasses all fact-checkers or information verifying means in the world.


Final verdict 


For the Spanish version, media from Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela used. In Spain, the means are EFE Verifica, AFP Factual España, and These last two political groups have considered them too close to the Government. Therefore, think them to be impartial, hence the controversy.  I hope you already know about how whats app actually works to recognise fake news. If you have any Curiosity please comment below.  



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