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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Dev wants to remake original Zelda

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has got good response from critics, with its return signed by Lizardcube. The work of remake on the original, released in 1989, have been greatly appreciated and this success has been archived, the team begins to look to the future and thinks of new projects to be carried out.

Interviewed by the magazine USGamer, the leader of LizardCube, Omar Cornut, has revealed his own dream in the drawer: to be able to treat, as it was done with Wonder Boy, a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda, even if he thinks that Nintendo would never make it.

“Part of me wants to make new games. The creative me is sort of ashamed to be making remasters. The technical me finds the process very interesting. If we were to make another remake, we need to find something that first we love enough and then this game has to be something we can get the license for. I wouldn’t mind remaking The Legend of Zelda, but Nintendo is never going to let us.”

Considering how much Nintendo is generally attentive about its most famous IP, we can not really give wrong conclusion. If ever there should be one remake of the very first Zelda, it is much more likely to deal with an internal team of Nintendo. If ever there were to be, we stress.

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