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Wolfenstein Youngblood Guide: How to Get Laserkraftwerk to Open Locked Door

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Available since July 26th, Wolfenstein Youngblood is the latest exponent of the famous MachineGames shooter saga and Bethesda Softworks, born from the collaboration with the guys at Arkane Studios – the same studio of Prey and Dishonored. A spin-off for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch that takes us into a dystopian future as twins Jessica and Sophia, daughters of historian BJ Blazkowicz are now on his trail after he mysteriously disappeared following a meeting with the anti-Nazi resistance in Paris.

As in all FPS, in Wolfenstein Youngblood, we will have a large arsenal to deal with enemies – even working with another player in online multiplayer. Among the most powerful weapons in the game, the Laserkraftwerk stands out, well hidden in the map. In this guide, I will, therefore, show you its position and how to obtain it, considering that it will also prove very useful to have access to previously closed areas, thanks to its ability to break down closed doors, crates and any type of metal.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Locked Doors

To get the Laserkraftwerk in Wolfenstein Youngblood you will first have to go to Litte Berlin, making sure you have reached at least level 25 to gain access to Brother 1, a Nazi stronghold packed with rather high-ranking opponents. Then set Mission Raid: Brother 1 as your active mission, following the indicated waypoint on the screen. Once you have passed the gate of the area, where you will meet the resistance of the enemies, you will notice the Brother 1 and a checkpoint. You will need to open the entrance to the checkpoint so you can slip into the prison and avoid the high-level Zerstorer guarding the area. Follow the waypoint again, you just need to reach a series of double doors leading to a reception area.

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At this point, you will find yourself on the bumpy road, but you will immediately notice a waypoint that leads to a safety cabin with glass walls. Look up to access through a conduit to climb into – taking advantage of the metal detector and ceiling fan in front of the cabin. Entering the stand, all you have to do is go to the adjacent room to find the Laserkraftwerk on the table. Collect it to make it your own, so you can access previously inaccessible areas.

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