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Wolfenstein: The New Order Sequel Gets Teased Again

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The voice actor Brain Bloom, who played BJ Balzkowicz in 2014, announced that a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order could be on the way. In a recent interview with TwoLeftSticks, Bloom stated that Bethesda provided a spark in E3 and New Colossus would be in development.


Contrary to what was advanced by rumors and what was expected by fans, Bethesda has not announced a new Wolfenstein during their conference at E3 2016. The company chose to focus on Doom, Dishonored 2, Prey and Quake Champions at their event but showed a highly curious image that left their fans thinking.

Through a very simple image in DOS language, Bethesda put the name of the Wolfenstein series of games accompanied by its release date. After New Order and Old Blood, came the name New Colossus with no release date. This was almost a confirmation that a new Wolfeinstein is in development, and today this new evidence can be seen in the image above.

In a recent interview about his presence in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, actor Brian Bloom, who gave voice to BJ Blackowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order, was asked about the future of the series and although he did not confirm, he not even bother to deny the existence of Wolfenstein: New Colossus.

“If you look at Bethesda’s E3 2016 lineup there was a title hinted at in a cool way. It sparked a bit of wildfire. That subtle, very simple DOS language, going through the titles. Perhaps we’re working on that as we speak,” said the voice actor.

As you recall, during the presentation of Bethesda at E3 2016, an image appeared on the screen and contained many titles of the company with release dates. However, one of those games did not match any officially announced, and its release date was the only one that was not disclosed.

At the moment, it is unclear what is The New Colossus, since instead of a sequel it could also be an expansion or other content. New Colossus can refer to a sonnet by Emma Lazarus, which also appears on the Statue of Liberty, it is recited by the protagonist of Wolfenstein, BJ Balzkowicz.