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Without Within 2 Demo download available on PC, Linux and MAC

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Without Within 2 Demo is now available for download on its official website here for PC, Linux and Mac. After this demo there is a Without Within 2 Extra Edition that costs around $1.99. The game features a visual novel based gameplay. There is a promo video that is released and you can see that at the end of this article. You can try out the demo and test it now. It is more like an interactive novel where you follow the story with some interaction. At certain points you will get a dialogue box where you have to provide your decision in order to move ahead. It has a pretty impressive artwork also. The game looks nice and giving a demo a try would not be bad idea. There are very rare games like this. If you are action game lover then there is nothing in it.

Without Within 2 Image
Without Within 2 Image

Without Within 2 offers a soothing experience with a simple storyline. Its Extra Edition was created for those who kindly enjoyed the main game and wish to show their appreciation. The DLC contains Without Within’s short soundtrack, digital art book, as well as three inspirational cards. After downloading the DLC, open up Without Within’s folder and you will see the goodies in a folder named extra_edition_content.

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