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Wipeout could return on PlayStation 4?

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The Wipeout franchise has reached standstill for some years: in 2012 Sony released Wipeout 2048 as a launch title for PlayStation Vita, but since then we have not heard anything about this beloved saga. Soon, however, we may get good news about it, at least according to the insider Shinobi602.


As always, when it comes to clues of an insider, the matter should be taken only as a rumor, but in this case we speak of Wipeout, and the question becomes interesting, because all that has been emerged on the series in recent months was another rumor of a year ago.

The famous futuristic racing game Wipeout could return soon on PlayStation 4. Shinobi has revealed on the NeoGAF forum, hinting that Wipeout would be on the way back, not with a new episode but with a remaster/remake of previous games in the series. The insider was not particularly clear and said it was likely (although, it is not safe to say 100%) that the news could come from the PlayStation Experience of December.

The Liverpool Studio, responsible for the series since its inception, has been closed by Sony but the development could well be passed to another in-house team of the Japanese company.

What do you think of this rumor? Would you like to get your hands on a new game in the Wipeout series or a remastered of the old episodes?

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