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Winner Winner of Subscribers: Fortnite Tracker on Fortnite YouTubers

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YouTube isn’t exactly the best place to watch the most popular Fortnite player on YouTube, especially if you want to see them play live. Nevertheless, a lot of them have a solid presence on the popular site. Plus, YouTube is more convenient to watch compared to platforms like Twitch.

Here are the biggest Fortnite player on YouTube, as well as their Fortnite Tracker stats.

Definitely Ninja

It’s impossible to start any popularity-based list without mentioning the one and only Ninja first. Or last, if the list is in ascending order.

Born as Tyler Blevins, Ninja has almost become synonymous with Fortnite. That’s because he’s one of the game’s first stars and one of its best players. It’s why his YouTube channel has 23.4 million subscribers. As such, hundreds of thousands of views on a video are normal for him.

It’s also why he appeared on YouTube Rewind, the site’s yearly throwback that features its prominent content creators. Unfortunately, it’s become the most disliked YouTube video ever, but it’s not Ninja’s fault.

Also, because of how big he’s become, even non-gaming-related mainstream media talk shows like Ellen and The Jimmy Fallon shows have invited him as a guest. Not a lot of big-time gamers get that honor.

Ali-A All the Way

He’s nowhere near as popular as Ninja, so it only follows suit that Ali-A has fewer subscribers. Nevertheless, 16.4 million subscribers are nothing to scoff at. Plus, even though Ninja is the much bigger name, Ali-A’s recent videos hit 1 million viewers much faster than Ninja’s recent ones. Also, unlike Ninja, who dabbled in other shooters like Valorant and Apex Legends in the past, Ali-A’s content is purely Fortnite.

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Another thing that sets Ali-A’s content apart is it’s a lot more entertaining. It’s less about him showing his skills, although it’s safe to say that he is good. Rather, they’re more about him just having fun and reacting to all sorts of play styles, as well as gaming updates.

Hit by Lazarbeam

Lazarbeam is a weird one. His videos are funny in an absurd kind of way, and they’re carried by his natural sense of humor. Winning a match by literally doing nothing, complaining about getting called a bot by the official Fortnite Twitter, and flaunting his Fortnite stats, fake-bragging about how good he is at the game.

He’s pretty much like the PewDiePie of Fortnite, and that’s why he has 14.1 million subscribers on YouTube, and his recent videos hit up to 5 to 9 million views.

Ssundee Making Things Easy

While the gap between Ninja and Ali-A’s subscriber numbers is huge, it’s only a two-million difference between Ali-A and SSundee. Also, much like how Ali-A’s videos get more views than Ninja’s, Ssundee’s get more views than Ali-A’s, with his highest one, the “Can I *BEAT* a 150 STAGE DEATH RUN in Fortnite?” video, hitting up to 14 million. However, with the slight decline of the game’s popularity, his more recent ones hit only around 1 to 1.9 million views. Despite the lower numbers, it’s still pretty significant.

Originally a Minecraft player, SSundee also makes videos of other games he plays. Aside from the square-based open-world crafting game, he also makes Crazy Craft and Bloons videos, and even board games like Game of Life and Exploding Kittens. Talk about diversity!

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Lachlan’s Just Playing

When it comes to content, Lachlan is closer to Ninja than the other two, but he also uploads games where he’s just having fun. They range from the entertaining ones like wearing a heart rate monitor while playing the game and the *RANDOM* YouTuber Skin Challenge, to the more excitingly competitive ones like having a one-on-one game against Ninja and teaming up with McCreamy. This mixed approach has earned him over 14 million subscribers as well.

So, there you have it, Fortnite player on YouTube biggest stars’ YouTube presence. With charisma and talent, it’s easy to see why they were able to get that big. Make sure to check ‘em out on YouTube today!