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Windows 10 Update for October Will Improve Game Mode

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A new update is on its way to Windows 10. While most of its features are focused on connectivity with smartphones, Microsoft did not forget the gamers. As proof of this, we will get an improved Game Mode.

Microsoft says it has heard the players’ feedback. This is why it decided to simplify the way in which Windows 10 Game Mode will work. With the update, it will be automatically enabled for all games and can be turned off or on completely from the Windows configuration.

Another important point is that Game Mode will “suppress” driver installations and Windows Update installations so they do not bother you in your gaming sessions. In addition, in some systems and games, there will be a performance improvement.

That’s not all, since the update will make the Game Bar become an application. With this, it is expected that launching it will be easier. Also, there will be a new audio control panel that will allow you to manage individual audio controls without having to leave the game.

The latest development is that the Windows 10 gaming features will have a new look. With this, Microsoft believes that players can enjoy a “cleaner” interface.

Finally, Microsoft made it clear that it is open to listening to community feedback. This is why it invited its users to share their opinion on the gaming features that they would like to see in Windows 10.